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Hi sweeties! I hoep you are all fine and living your best life!! This Spring 2022 I have moved to Tokyooooo! i was waiting for it for 3 long years (thanks Covid to screw up everything for everyone -- ) but finally I made it and I couldn't be more happier to start this new life ^^

Here the best outfits I wore during my first months in Japan! I was so lucky to also see all the Sakura really a great time to travel to japan ;)

As always under the photos you will find all brands and direct links if the products is still avaliable <3




One of the very first outfits I wore in Tokyo!! I'm solucky to have these sakura trees really near my least no tourists around to take cute pics XD Pastel colors are so perfect for sakura theme photos and strange but true Teddy bear printed clothes are very popular in Japan right now so perfect time to wear my teddy print items <3

accessories: DAISO JAPAN

pastel teddy crop sweater: SHEIN

teddy jacket: UNZZY (sold out) VAMPIRE 10%OFF

skirt: UOOBOX (sold out) VAMPIRE 10%OFF



Japan is famous for the sakura but actually EVERY MONTH do you have some cute flowers blossoming around!! In may you can find these cute pink ones in every corner of the street (here I'm actually in Shibuya in the middle of the street xD). I chose this cute dress to match with the flower colors! It's one of my favorite dresses and I was so lucky to have found it 2ND HAND at CLOSET CHILD HARAJUKU

leo print cardigan: SHEIN

pink skull dress: HYSTERIC GLAMOUR (2nd hand)

tights: SHEIN



Outfit I wore for my first (and only) picnic with my classmates. We went to Yoyogi Park one of the most famous park in Tokyo near the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku ^^ It was the perfect occasion to wear my new dress by RESTYLE! it is for sure one of the cutest goth brands and their customer service is amazing (I got a problem once with an item arrived damaged and they immidiately refund me).

shoes: SHEIN (sold out )



Do you believe I wore this outfit to bring my CV to find a part time job? xD and it worked!! Luckily in Harajuku people love this fashion and you must have also a good style to work in fashion shops there ^^ I'm working at JEFFREY CAMPBELL LAFORET 3F if you want to come to say hi ;)

green crop hoodie: ROMWE

skirt: GHOST OF HARLEM (2nd hand)

shoes: SHEIN (sold out)



Outfit from late spring to celebrate the LGBT month!! I dont have too much colorful items like rainbow stuff etc.. so this was the most colorful look I could create xD but this mixed color wig I found on Shein totally make the idea of rainbow right?? ^^ I highly reccomend to buy wigs on shein: really cheap but high quality items <3

accessories: from various shops in Harajuku

heart top: SHEIN (sold out)

tartan skirt: SHEIN (sold out)



I wore this outfit for my very first shooting with a photographer in Tokyo (IG: kazztakahashi) Since it was around Easter I decided for a easter bunny theme but goth style and I was soooo lucky to find these goth bunny ears on Shein! if you need tings for costumes or cosplay that you dont use often, shein is the perfect place to buy them^^

bunny ears: SHEIN 5€ (sold out)

stripe mesh top: CURRENT MOOD (2nd hand on Vinted)

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