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Hi Sweeties!!! Today I want to speak about one of my favorite Japanese fashion brand: ACDC RAG!! The brand was created in the 80s with the concept of "NO BORDERS": they make clothes for evewryone no matter their nationality, gender, skin should wear what you like and express who you really are!! This is why they have clothes for every alternative style from fairykei to decora fashion passing through goth punk style and they are really one of the most popular harajuku brand right now. They ship worldwide but they also come often in the USA for coventions like Anime Expo so check their schedule because maybe they come near your home too ;)

I had the honor to work with them few times and I own a lot of their clothes (if you follow me on Instagram you know hehe ) so here some specific reviews of the items I have AND some special posts about my favorite items of their newest collections!! Moreover They told me that in April they will have a drop of new dark clothes and I really can't wait for it **



As you known if you follow me on SNs,I'm a huge fan of Japanese folklore and especially Yokai and Kitsune so I'm totally in love with this collection** it reminds me a lot of Babymetal ^^

the best item is for sure the Kitsune mask shirt! it would be perfect also for some Egirl looks asian style ;)

direct link:



This is absolutely THE BEST COLLAB they have ever done ** Gloomy bear is so kawaii creepycute and this collection is perfect for every style: you can find black stuff but also pinky ones so from pastelgoth, goth or decora, whatever style you have, having one of this item IS A MUST!!!

Direct link:


Price: around 16$ , Size S, VOTE: 7/10

The first item I've ever bought from them is this eye ball printed tee! It’s available in different colors and it’s a little oversize so it fits well on everyone but the fabric is really synthetic so not really good for summer (I cannot use it at all when it's hot outside..I sweat too much xD)

direct link:


Price: around ; Size S, VOTE: 10/10

Since last year, they have also started some collaborations with small independent artists doing also a contest on instagram so their followers and customers can vote (and submit) for their fav drawings and have then some tees made with them!! One of the winner of last year contest was Yumi (IG: @yumiyumyum.illustration) and her drawing was such a success that the brand decided to collab with her again this year!!

If you want to see the complete collection, click on the link below <3

direct link:


PRICE: around 65$, One size, VOTE: 8/10

ACDC RAG has also a huge selection of japanese yukata (the summer kimono fyi) all with prints of different fashion Harajuku style from Decora to Goth. The one I'm wearing is the yukata of EVANGELION!! If you aren't in Japan, maybe it could be difficult to use it but you can use them easily as a long cardigan (and if you are an otaku like me, a yukata is a must have in your closet^^).

Here I chose my other 2 favorite items of this collection (Kaworu is my favorite character so I must choose his tee xD) <3 To see all other items, click the link below^^

direct link:


Price: around 30€ , One Size, VOTE: 10/10

Even if I don't use this skirt a lot (only because I prefer mini skirts..midi skirts are a little difficult to use for me) I'm totally in love with this skirt** it's really the typical v-kei, harajuku goth style skirt with different fabrics and the asymmetric cut! I bought the white/gry one but as you can see from the photo, it's avaliable in many different colors (and all black too!)

direct link:

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