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Hi sweeties! The cold weather is finally here so it means warmer clothes but, if you don't want to be similar to the Michelin Man under tons of sweaters, the best solution is fake leather!!

We all agree that in 2020 there's no need anymore to kill animals for clothes and luckily our techniques are so advanced now that fake leather is really similar to real one: it's soft, warm and stretchy so you can be sure it will fit perfectly on your body^^

As a rock/metal girl, I'm a huge fan of leather clothes: I remember I bought my first pair of D.Martens when I was 11 y.o. and since then I've always a pair of renger boots in my closet^^ Then for sure another must have is a leather jacket: biker style ones are my favorite but now you can find them in every style possible and also really elegant and classy!

You can find below some outfit ideas with some of my fav leather items I owned! ENJOY!!!


ITEM#1: PLATED SKIRT (Uoobox: - code VAMPIRE to 10%off)

Price: 35$, Size XS

I'm a huge fan of skirts so for sure a plated leather skirt is a must have for me ^^

college skirts are cute and sexy on everyone and that one is really perfect with everything no matter your style!

Direct link:


ITEM#2: LEATHER JEANS (Stradivarius)

Price: 6€ on sales (25€ before), Size S

It's really easy to find leather leggings or trausers and in general now they are always really elasthic so they fit perfectly to everyone! My last purchase is a pair of leather trausers by STADIVARIUS (found on sales at only 6€!!) and I'm sure I'll wear them the whole winter since they are really warm and comfortable!



Price: 50€, Size S

A leather biker jacket is a must for every alternative girl no matter what style do you prefer. Moreover they are perfect with everything even with elegant dresses: you can give a little touch of rock badass babe that is always good ^^ Mine is by ZARA and it's very heavy and warm so also perfect for my hometown there is always a cold wind all winter and nothing is better than leather to keep cold air out ahah!



Price: 5€ ,Size XS

Sometimes simple things are the best ones!!! This cute PU top is absolutely one of my favorite: it's perfect with every kind of style from rock/metal to cute pastelgoth stuff (like in these photos^^) Only one negative point: since it's PU, it makes me sweat a lot so for me it's impossible to wear in summer sigh T_T

Direct Link: (italian website)



Price: 16€ ,Size XS

The big sleeves are back from the 70s to be one of the Point Of Fashion of Spring/Summer 2021 so I couldn't resist to buy a cool PU bolero link that ** the fake leather is really soft and it's really stylish (I really can't wait to wear it in Tokyo^^) but I reccomend to take a size bigger if you want to use it over a cardigan or a sweater ;)

direct link: (italian website)

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