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Hi Sweeties! Today I want to speak with you about the huuuuge come back of leopard prints!!! Do you like them or do you hate them??? In general there are these 2 opposite reactions..even for me it's difficult to pick a year I love them and then for 3 years I don't use them anymore xD

As you know, grunge fashion has come back more than a year ago with the boom of 90s style, but it’s only now that brands are making many items using leo prints. Or maybe it’s only that I’ve noticed it now ahahah xD

So lately I said “why not? Go leopard" especially after I found some really cute leopard items on Shein ^_^ But we all must be careful with them: some prints, especially the smallest ones, are cute but with some of them we risk to be dressed like our granma or even worse since often this print could become immidiately vulgar if you exagerate with it XD

If you really want to have some leo stuff in your closet, I suggest to start with few small items like a top or accessories that you can easily use with black clothes to give a punk/grungy touch to your outfits!

I'm showing you here some outfit ideas with the few leopard items I own and I hope you will find here some inspirations for your looks! ENJOY!



Price: 5€ ; Size: XS

The fabric is very light so perfect for summer when it’s really hot outside. You can use it during the day with sandals or sneakers to go to the beach or for shopping with friends or for an evening out or a rock show with a leather jacket and ankle boots .

Direct link: (italian website)



Price: 12€ (on sale); Size: S

To be honest, I bought this jacket because it reminded me so much the style of Nana Osaki, the main character of the anime NANA (you can watch it on Netflix ;)

It’s so punk rock and, in my opinion, a jacket like that is a must have for a perfect winter punk grunge look! Moreover it’s really warm but, since it has no buttons, I took a size bigger so it can fit well also over hoodies and sweaters.

Direct link: (italian website)



Price: 8€ (bought second hand), Size M

Ghost of Harlem is a Japanese brand from Harajuku that unfortunately it doesn't exist anymore T_T this is why when I find something of them especially second hand, I don't hesitate a moment and I buy it! In this case this dress is not my size (it's a M) but where can I find a super cute purple leo dress around??? xD trying it, it's really elegant and I love the mesh fabric ^^



Price: 40€ , SIze S (70B)

I got this cute corset for Christmas and OMG I really love it!! In theory it's an underwear item but, since mesh tops are really popular lately and they gonna be one of the top of fashion items of Spring/Summer 2021 (a blog article about that will come soon I promise ;) , you can easily use it as a normal top as I do!

Direct link: (italian website)

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